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All we can do is provide access to the documents and Facts - also highlight EVIDENCE brought to our attention by a network of UKIP Supporters, who desperately want to see the Party CLEANED-UP, by having corrupt & untrustworthy self seeking parasites like Douglas Denny, Mick McGough, Marta Andreasen, David Bannerman, Mark Croucher, Gawain Towler, Stuart Agnew, Annabell Fuller and similar damaging individuals removed from befouling UKIP.

UKIP CAN NOT expect to be electable to a British Public for as long as it keeps liars, cheats and parasites on its staff and management and associates and supports racist, xenophobes, anti Jewish & violent anti homosexual 'chums' in The UKIP EFD Group - Currently taking a further lurch to extremism to maintain its numbers, by courting extremist Austrian politicians - hence less than 30 seats out of 19,500 available in Britain are UKIP seats - after 18 years!

What is and where can ANYONE find UKIP's Vision, Strategy, Tactics?

After 18 Years UKIP has zero Exit & Survival Strategy for these United Kingdoms.

UKIP seemingly seeks only personal gain for a small claque, forgetting to educate the peoples how Britain will be Better Off Out - We all know what is BAD about The EU and endless as it is why not act like Patriots & explain what is BETTER OUT!

The EU an Evil Union

These United Kingdoms are now, largely against the will of the informed peoples and by the betrayal of our own Politicians and Snivil Cervants a satellite state of the Greater European Empire, broken into emasculated Regions under a Common Purpose, ruled by a corrupt post democratic unelected Dictator Committee of a supra National supreme government in Brussels. We owe this undemocratic malign self serving foreign and very allien government neither loyalty nor obedience. It is not lawfully our government. It is theirs. It is our enemy and part of the greater enemy The New World Order.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

#0455* - Not A Brain Between Them!

#0455* - Not A Brain Between Them!
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
Not A Brain Between Them!
The Dross That Remains Is Indeed United In Its Greed & Self Service!!

Northern Ireland's politics has never seemingly been about the issue at hand and here again we see UKIP seemingly choosing their supporters on some strange degredation of political values let alone aspirations.

Be it a politically correct choice of a schoolgirl as a Mayoral candidate in Leicester - a bimbette known to a tiny audience and for what in Northern Ireland or the support of a supremely out dated and unfunny old man.

Is there ANY sign of anyone of gravitas or merit supporting UKIP?

Is there ANY sign of someone even of competence supporting UKIP?

The closest I seem able to come to someone with SOME ability is the relatively recent support of Steven Woolfe who produces a UKIP controlled blog with an article about once a fortnight since January.

Unfortunately UKIP has a track record of loosing individuals of ability and integrity pretty rapidly
and leaving UKIP desperately struggling with the dross - It has however meant that if one is content with incompetence, racism, xenophobia, anti Judaism, corruption, bullying, violent anto homosexuality, cowards and posturing fools you will find a home in what is largely a unified sack of squabbling ferrets now that Farage as the so called leader has forced virtually anyone of ability or ethics out of the party - largely consigning UKIP to the gutter for the next few years.

You may of course see your values and roll models in their intellectual rump,

A Party bereft of dignity, gravitas or probity.

Sheltering behind a small army of parasites and maggots feeding on the public purse for personal gain and abusing and spreeding lies and fantasies about anyone who dare criticise them often from behind the cowardly cloak of anonymity in their shame.

However yes it can be said that largely the leadership and its more egregious parasites are increasingly united in their self serving and odious behaviour having lost sight of morality, ethics or basic decency as they plunge ever deeper into the thrall of The EU for their personal gain - prostituting the values and aspirations of the meres supporters in return for The EU bribes.
 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate) .
to Reclaim YOUR Future 
Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 - 62 65 62

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