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The EU an Evil Union

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Monday, 7 March 2011

#0331* - In Memoriam - Geoffrey KINGSCOTT - UKIP Gen.Sec.

#0331* - In Memoriam - Geoffrey KINGSCOTT - UKIP Gen.Sec.

Geoffrey Kingscott.

Sadly I have heard that Geoffrey Kingscott, who for a period was General Secretary of UKIP, died on Wednesday 02-Mar-2011.

I understand Geoffrey was undergoing treatment for cancer.

Geoffrey will be remembered by many as it was he who stepped in as Party Returning Officer during the internal leadership election for Roger Knapman, the leader at the time and to replace Douglas Denny who had held the office but was fired by a majority vote of his colleagues on The NEC for having set out to corrupt the vote to rig it, so that his choice, Nigel Farage would be elected.

Geoffrey stepped into the vacancy on short notice but had difficulty re-establishing a level playing field and taking action against widespread corruption mostly seemingly emanating from Annabelle Fuller and Mark Croucher in the Press Office - over which Geoffrey Kingscott failed to gain authority.

Geoffrey went on after the election having failed to be given the office in the party he felt he deserved to write a number of remarkably similar Manifestos for various Grass Roots revolts within the party against the style of leadership of Nigel Farage who had managed to seize the leadership.

Geoffrey was a prime mover within both 'The Grass Roots Movement' and 'The Phoenix Movement' set up to clean-up UKIP to try to make the party electable within the context of British domestic politics.

Geoffrey also participated in 'The Lechlade Group', which also endeavoured to invert the party and make it a bottom up concept rather than authoritarian dictatorship from the one man band that was Farage and has done so much damage to the party in the long term.

Geoffrey Kingscott was an accomplished author with a number of titles published in the field of Steam Railway.

Geoffrey, having graduated in the late 1950s with a language degree had from around 1980 to at least 2000 when he retired owned and managed a Translation business with several offices.

In political terms Geoffrey's grass roots were in socialism with a leaning to the ethos of The Levellers on reading his various articles and web sites from time to time.

Geoffrey Kingscott will be sorely missed by his wife Judy and their three children Roger, Sally and Laurence and the grandchildren Harry, Emma, Sophie, Jack and Rebecca and a wide circle of friends.

Geoffrey Kingscott's Funeral:

The funeral will be on Thursday 10-Mar-2011 at 11:00hrs.
at: Stanwick Junction Chapel, Nottinghamshire.

Messages of condolence can be sent to the family c/o
23 Shaftesbury Avenue, 

Long Eaton,
NG10 3FG

Having spoken with his wife Judy on a couple of occasions, may I express my condolences to her and her family at this difficult time.

David Abbott on Geoffrey Kinscott
Subject: Geoffrey Kingscott
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 22:26:12 +0000 (GMT)


Today I went to the funeral of Geoffrey Kingscott. Last summer I went to the funeral of Piers Merchant. With the demise of these two friends, the withdrawalist movement, and UKIP in particular, have lost their two most scholarly, intelligent, eloquent, truthful and capable men.

Both had been major players in UKIP before the party began to devour its own for the benefit of the leadership cabal.

Geoffrey had been UKIP's most effective Party Secretary. He was reappointed by the NEC, but using trickery the cabal nullified this vote. Instead it had a person, judged incompetent by many, inserted into the position.

Geoffrey had published a number of books. A superb translator, master of six languages, he had established several successful translation companies. His Language Atlas is a Bible in the industry today. He was in high demand as a conference chair because he was a fair and just facilitator who could summarize complex issues superbly. He was also an outdoors man and a wonderful family man with a great sense of fun who was adored by his wife, children and grandchildren.

Among the mourners today were a former treasurer of UKIP, two former members of the NEC, and two branch chairmen.

Geoffrey was a patriot and loved his country. His book on the Shires of England will appear later this year and will become another part of his legacy.

Inspired by his own patriotism and by his belief that UKIP was not doing what it ought to be doing, Geoffrey once organized a conference in Somerset which drew hundreds of concerned UKIP members together.

We hope it will not be too long before a man with courage, integrity, competence and farsightedness which approaches that of Geoffrey's will emerge to help UKIP out of its doldrums.

David F Abbott MRCP

Interestingly Martin Hasslam, Delroy Young were also at the funeral, as of course was David Abbott.

It is I believe worthy of note, before some unpleasant slime from UKIP Leadership team sets out to try to denigrate and defame Geoffrey Kingscott or for that matter his friend David Abbott, let us note that in fact Geoffrey was the salaried General Secretary of the party for a time NOT the position of Party Secretary which has fallen for many years to virtually anyone who will defend the antics of Farage - it is largely a non position as all decisions are in fact made by Farage either directly or through his bought and paid for muppets.

It is little details that are THE ONLY item the pedants can latch onto to defame people!

You will note the most damning thing they seem able to say of me like a hectoring school marm is that my spelling and grammar leave much to be desired - Firstly do I care, secondly do you, thirdly I never diod wish to be a secretary!

Do you read this blog for the facts and in the knowledge that it is accurate and NO ONE has ever found a material error of any consequence in my blogs - If you wish to be small minded and correct the spelling and grammar hire your services to UKIP who are paid a huge amount for Policy documents that barely get past 6th. form and clearly do not match up to 'Fowlers'.

I do concede that with some 6 languages to his name and a pedantry of the professional translator Geoffrey's English was at times masterfull and very precise. Would that he had overseen the present truelly shoddy UKIP Local Manifesto before his sad demise!

My 'stuff' is beyond redemption ;-) but I will stand by the content - let the bitchy 'old women'.make much of my errors if it fulfills their petty lives.
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