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All we can do is provide access to the documents and Facts - also highlight EVIDENCE brought to our attention by a network of UKIP Supporters, who desperately want to see the Party CLEANED-UP, by having corrupt & untrustworthy self seeking parasites like Douglas Denny, Mick McGough, Marta Andreasen, David Bannerman, Mark Croucher, Gawain Towler, Stuart Agnew, Annabell Fuller and similar damaging individuals removed from befouling UKIP.

UKIP CAN NOT expect to be electable to a British Public for as long as it keeps liars, cheats and parasites on its staff and management and associates and supports racist, xenophobes, anti Jewish & violent anti homosexual 'chums' in The UKIP EFD Group - Currently taking a further lurch to extremism to maintain its numbers, by courting extremist Austrian politicians - hence less than 30 seats out of 19,500 available in Britain are UKIP seats - after 18 years!

What is and where can ANYONE find UKIP's Vision, Strategy, Tactics?

After 18 Years UKIP has zero Exit & Survival Strategy for these United Kingdoms.

UKIP seemingly seeks only personal gain for a small claque, forgetting to educate the peoples how Britain will be Better Off Out - We all know what is BAD about The EU and endless as it is why not act like Patriots & explain what is BETTER OUT!

The EU an Evil Union

These United Kingdoms are now, largely against the will of the informed peoples and by the betrayal of our own Politicians and Snivil Cervants a satellite state of the Greater European Empire, broken into emasculated Regions under a Common Purpose, ruled by a corrupt post democratic unelected Dictator Committee of a supra National supreme government in Brussels. We owe this undemocratic malign self serving foreign and very allien government neither loyalty nor obedience. It is not lawfully our government. It is theirs. It is our enemy and part of the greater enemy The New World Order.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

#0589* - ADVERTS for PETITION Funded by Donors! TELEGRAPH

#0589* - ADVERTS for PETITION Funded by Donors! TELEGRAPH

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!    
ADVERTS for PETITION Funded by Donors! 
TELEGRAPH adverts were funded by single donors!

Will You Contribute to Help Put an Advert In YOUR Paper?

On Checking there seem to have been at least 8-10 in various local papers across Britain in the last week or so.

Print out The Telegraph ad. and see if YOU can get some like minded Patriots to help fund it in YOUR local paper!

A really good advert in Today's Telegraph and note it is not only on The TV Page but also THE ONLY advert on the whole page.

Sorry I have no idea why whatever way up I import these pictures they come out sideways!!
The full page shows what a great position the advert was and the only one on the page.
This shows the ad as bottom right & a notasble size - at a guess somewhere between £4 & 5,000!
The advert itself with its full wording hits all the right buttons!
Impressively just below the cut out coupon, which should bring in a really good selection of people Nation Wide in support of this cross party campaign to Petition the Government to enact a Bill for an In/Out Referendum relative to The EU - The great thing if you look closely is that being cross party and Patriotic on a Nationwide basis it states:

Funding for this advertisement has been generously donated by a supporter

This is really good news as the advertisement on Saturday in The Telegraph Business Section was also funded by a supporter.

This bodes well for the future as to date all the advertisements have been paid for by Nikki Sinclaire through her own income except one which was joint funded by her, trevor Colman and Mike Nattrass from their 400 A/C money, now that they like Marta Andreasen, have control of the funding, previously controlled but unaccountably by Nigel Farage.

It is also worth noting that Nikki Sinclaire has accounted both her income and her salary since she was elected. The accounts for the period to date should be posted soon although it takes a little lionger for the auditors to sign off the detailed certificate.

Let us hope the campaign receives yet more funding as a result of these adverts and I hear that MPs will shortly be delivering the petition on a cross party basis, regularly part by part as a formal petition through The Speaker's Chair and The House of Commons Library.

This action may not obtain the desired aim of an unbiased and principled in/out referendum but by involving people of all partioes and working with The Peoples' Pledge funded by Toby Blackwell and run by James Pryor and Bridget Rowe this will do much to keep the issue of Britain's catastrophic membership of The EU in the forefront of the minds of both the electorate and their servants the Politicians and already it has obtained press commentary of gravitas which can only be good.

It will be remembered that despite spending some £1/4Million of tax payers money (was it spent or was it trousered?) to fail to carry out a petition UKIP have had several other attempts but have never achieved a single solitary result that has been quotable or carried forward!

I am given to understand that the most signatures they ever received was about 14,000 and those were never legitimately used but became part of the Ashford fund raising scam where less than 15% of the money ever reached UKIP and the rest was milked off along the way!

I gather, and I have filled in several forms in different friend's names (with their permission!) each of them has received the Campaign Magazine with a signature sheet to obtain further signatures - this has been a huge success and I understand the Petition so far has well topped 60,000 signatures as confirmed by The BBC.

Have YOU signed yet?
. .
 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate) .
to Reclaim YOUR Future 
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