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My point about MW and his employment with UKIP is despite knowing full well how bad EUkip had become he kept taking the pay and supported the very people he knew were ruining the party. He supposedly did this, so he said, because he believed some greater good was served.

Well he was 100% wrong about that because no greater good was served by propping up Nigel and his cabal.

Just for the record I was 53 when I became Office Manager in Birmingham and gave up a job on more (+ a car) than UKIP paid me and was working 5 days week and commuting from Cheltenham to Birmingham at my own expense. I took the job to improve UKIP's administration which was not in a good state. I rattled some cages and was asked to go before my probation period was up. This is entirely consistant with my position that despite being on the payroll of UKIP I did not just take the money and say nothing I tried to improve the central office of UKIP but met resistance from those who wanted to keep control of their own empires rather than concentrate some functions at the HQ as was clearly necessary for such an organistion hoping to grow around the country.

I remained a member after leaving Birmingham, again totally in line with my positon, as I fought for 5 long years to try and reform UKIP from within. As to claiming unfair dismissal it didn't enter my mind and respected Petrina Holdsworth the then Chairman who employed me and then asked me to go. In any event I was still, if my memory serves me well, still on my 6 months probation.

Arthur F you can puff yourself up in self righteous indigation all you like but the whole story surrounding my employment by UKIP and that of MW are as different as chalk and cheese.
So roughly translated.............

Disgruntled former employee who doesn't come up to scratch during probation period and is relieved of duties then spends the rest of his life whining all over the internet about the employers who didn't think much of his work.

Same ex-employee then pretends that he was going to resign out of principle.......but actually hung on to collect every last penny until kicked out of the door whining and squealing about how corrupt his former employers were.

It doesn't look very plausible to onlookers does it Niall?

At the end of the day it just appears that you were quite happy to pocket the money until you were booted out.

Theres nothing worse than a not very principled windbag lecturing others about their behaviour on a daily basis!