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All we can do is provide access to the documents and Facts - also highlight EVIDENCE brought to our attention by a network of UKIP Supporters, who desperately want to see the Party CLEANED-UP, by having corrupt & untrustworthy self seeking parasites like Douglas Denny, Mick McGough, Marta Andreasen, David Bannerman, Mark Croucher, Gawain Towler, Stuart Agnew, Annabell Fuller and similar damaging individuals removed from befouling UKIP.

UKIP CAN NOT expect to be electable to a British Public for as long as it keeps liars, cheats and parasites on its staff and management and associates and supports racist, xenophobes, anti Jewish & violent anti homosexual 'chums' in The UKIP EFD Group - Currently taking a further lurch to extremism to maintain its numbers, by courting extremist Austrian politicians - hence less than 30 seats out of 19,500 available in Britain are UKIP seats - after 18 years!

What is and where can ANYONE find UKIP's Vision, Strategy, Tactics?

After 18 Years UKIP has zero Exit & Survival Strategy for these United Kingdoms.

UKIP seemingly seeks only personal gain for a small claque, forgetting to educate the peoples how Britain will be Better Off Out - We all know what is BAD about The EU and endless as it is why not act like Patriots & explain what is BETTER OUT!

The EU an Evil Union

These United Kingdoms are now, largely against the will of the informed peoples and by the betrayal of our own Politicians and Snivil Cervants a satellite state of the Greater European Empire, broken into emasculated Regions under a Common Purpose, ruled by a corrupt post democratic unelected Dictator Committee of a supra National supreme government in Brussels. We owe this undemocratic malign self serving foreign and very allien government neither loyalty nor obedience. It is not lawfully our government. It is theirs. It is our enemy and part of the greater enemy The New World Order.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  

Clearly UKIP Lacks Competent Leadership with ANY understanding of integrity or moral values!


Mayoral election: Have you seen this woman?

A young woman hoping to become the most powerful person in Leicester has left voters asking one question: Where is she?
Regine Anderson is standing to become the first directly elected mayor of the city as the UKIP candidate.
But the 18-year-old has not appeared at any of the hustings events so far, and party organisers have said she does not plan to attend any of them.
Nor did she join party leader Nigel Farage when he visited the city on Saturday.
The party has not released any information or details about the candidate, other than a single, passport-sized photograph.
June Wright, 56, an undecided voter from Hamilton who has attended three hustings events so far, said: "It's obvious that this individual is nothing more than a paper candidate.
"Other than representing UKIP in name only on the ballot paper, there's been no attempt to take part in the democratic process."
Attempts by the Mercury to contact Ms Anderson have been unsuccessful as the party has not returned calls or e-mails asking for her contact details.
One UKIP-supporting Twitter user said: "I found her on Facebook but she won't get back to me. It's all a bit strange."
During Mr Farage's visit on Saturday, the party's Leicester South by-election candidate, Abhijit Pandya, told the Mercury Ms Anderson was busy studying for her A-levels but would be releasing a statement this week.
To view the original article CLICK HERE

You will note in this article:
The Big Debate: Leicester mayoral candidates face questions in live debate 
That UKIP is made to look foolish by fielding a little girl unable to acquit herself and too shy to compete for the votes she CLAIMS to want for the job she CLAIMS to want.

Does this not rather remind one of the little girl at Belfast University who set out to exploit UKIP by featuring the fact she had been on their MEP selected list as seemingly a stunt to enhance her CV at UKIP's expense.

Is it really any wonder that UKIP is treated as far from serious and endlessly bumps along the bottom of the domestic league with 3-6% support!

Do explain how UKIP can claim to be other than unfit for purpose in the light of this sort of behaviour, when not fiddling expenses, colluding with racists, promoting anti homosexuality, assisting anti Judaism and dressing up as chickens as they squabble and lie about anyone who dares to criticise their childish stunts and irresponsible lack of any meaningfull signs of leadership of an adult nature!

Sadly we can only empathise with the embarrassed members of UKIP - particularly in the East Midlands following the 'selection' of UKIP’s Leicester mayoral candidate.

We do at least know her name though it seems there was no democratic process to select her - is she someone's mistress or daughter? Her name is Regine Amanda Anderson and she is clearly very shy, seeking to keep herself hidden from view which is a strange stance for a party which gratuitously seeks to victimise women who wish to wear the Burqa, to remain hidden!

We do know she is only 18 years of age and still at school taking 'A' Levels.

We are also advised that the East Midlands Regional Committee was not even informed that she was standing.

We also hear there was no official interview/selection process for the position!

It all starts to sound like previously utterly corrupt UKIP internal selection processes as with CLICK HERE or the utterly corrupt and corrupted parachuting into leadership of Nigel Farage based on lies, dishonesty and filth on the NEC and in The Press Office.

We understand Ms. Anderson's main sponsor is a certain Abhijit Pandya, but have no details of their relationship though we do note Mr. Pandya is 31 and something of a self publicist claiming close links with Lord Pearson of Rannoch which ultimately led him to defect from the Conservative Party and join the UKIP in 2009!

In the 2010 UKIP Leadership Contest he emerged as a supporter of Nigel Farage, and was made Head of Research for the campaign, we must therefore conclude he was working very closely with Annabelle Fuller as it is claimed she is not only close to Nigel Farage but her company Athena-PR was responsible for Farage's election and she personally is on Farage's pay roll also.

For more on Mr Pandya: LINK

Ms Anderson is described by Leicester’s Returning Officer - in the official election booklet:
- as failing to provide an election address. She refuses to take part in hustings, declines to engage in electioneering, ignores requests for information from the press and refuses to give even basic details about her background. 
Hardly a ringing endorsement!

We can only assume that her youth and inexperience have both played a large part in this fiasco. Someone in UKIP’s bent leadership really needs to have a word with her about the basic rules of campaigning.

It may come as a surprise to her but the electorate of Leicester actually have a right to know a little bit about who they are voting for. Does she really expect the voters of Leicester to select a candidate that declines to list her policies or even her basic political beliefs?

Or is she just too ashamed to admit to her friends that she is standing for UKIP?

We can't really blame if that is the case. Would ANY right minded person want to be associated with a party thatcolludes with and supports racists and fascists in Farage's EFD group?
 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate) .
to Reclaim YOUR Future 
Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 - 62 65 62

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