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All we can do is provide access to the documents and Facts - also highlight EVIDENCE brought to our attention by a network of UKIP Supporters, who desperately want to see the Party CLEANED-UP, by having corrupt & untrustworthy self seeking parasites like Douglas Denny, Mick McGough, Marta Andreasen, David Bannerman, Mark Croucher, Gawain Towler, Stuart Agnew, Annabell Fuller and similar damaging individuals removed from befouling UKIP.

UKIP CAN NOT expect to be electable to a British Public for as long as it keeps liars, cheats and parasites on its staff and management and associates and supports racist, xenophobes, anti Jewish & violent anti homosexual 'chums' in The UKIP EFD Group - Currently taking a further lurch to extremism to maintain its numbers, by courting extremist Austrian politicians - hence less than 30 seats out of 19,500 available in Britain are UKIP seats - after 18 years!

What is and where can ANYONE find UKIP's Vision, Strategy, Tactics?

After 18 Years UKIP has zero Exit & Survival Strategy for these United Kingdoms.

UKIP seemingly seeks only personal gain for a small claque, forgetting to educate the peoples how Britain will be Better Off Out - We all know what is BAD about The EU and endless as it is why not act like Patriots & explain what is BETTER OUT!

The EU an Evil Union

These United Kingdoms are now, largely against the will of the informed peoples and by the betrayal of our own Politicians and Snivil Cervants a satellite state of the Greater European Empire, broken into emasculated Regions under a Common Purpose, ruled by a corrupt post democratic unelected Dictator Committee of a supra National supreme government in Brussels. We owe this undemocratic malign self serving foreign and very allien government neither loyalty nor obedience. It is not lawfully our government. It is theirs. It is our enemy and part of the greater enemy The New World Order.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

#0008 - 22, Wedmore Park, Bath, BA2 1JY

#0008 - 22, Wedmore Park, Bath, BA2 1JY  

Clean EUkip up NOW 
make UKIP electable!
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
22, Wedmore Park, Bath, BA2 1JY - My System Showed A Name!
22, Wedmore Park,
last night when I tracked down the address and photo I had also tracked a name but felt that since my system has limitations I should, in the interest of accuracy, withold the name until I had some cross reference verification.
It would seem someone called John Hallett lives at the address.

I wonder if this is the same John Hallett who makes it abundantly clear he is a disilusioned UKIP supporter, or at least knowledgable of UKIP's utter incompetence, in a letter to The Telegraph signed as John Hallett of Bath.
Ukip’s failure
SIR – Far be it for me to rain on Catharine Straker’s parade (Letters, May 3) but she has missed the point. Ukip today has fewer members than it had in May 2004 and probably will not return any MEPs in the forthcoming European election.
The reason Nigel Farage keeps winning leadership elections is because he has scared all the real members away and only Mr Farage’s supporters remain in the party.
John Hallett
UKIP were expected to get 3 or 4 MEPs based on their own merits but they in fact got a further 9 as a result of being used as a dustbin for the protest votes over Westminster Allowances scam - the public being supremely indifferent to the EU never having voted for its existence as a political or monetary union.

John Hallett is welcome to call me if he wishes to clarify or even add more details to this blog to ensure it is fair to all sides.


I understand, through a third or fourth party but from two different sources, that Andrew Fear who is on the staff at UKIP Head Office has been phoning and accusing people of deliberately contacting me to supply information to me, he also claimed they had supplied information to Junius which is a bit foolish as the only known link with Junius is myself. Anyone leaking factual information to one of the people on the Junius team in the EU wouldn't even know they were doing it.

I do hear from Tim however that there will be some interesting 'e'Mails available to this blog and thus to Junius - to whom I will pass them on, probably for tomorrow some time!

Back to Andrew Fear and UKIP yet again smearing the reputation of individuals first we have the attempt to link this money raising effort to Andrew Edwards JUST because he lives in Bath!

Then we have the dishonest and untrustworthy Douglas Denny trying to link Andrew Edwards with the BNP by a pretence he does not know who he is!

May I remind the idiot Denny that he was on the NEC which made false allegations about Andrew Edwards to suppress freedom of speech and try to suppress publication of the truth and opinion regarding the dishonesty and corruption of UKIP leadership.

For those who have had the good fortune not to know of Douglas Denny CLICK HERE and also HERE  the little man is clearly a dishonest and unreliable fool, as proven time and again.

Perhaps Andrew Fear will learn a lesson from this  - do not be used by UKIP to lie and smear individuals and when caught red handed having told people, without one shred of factual evidence merely as an attempt to dishonestly smear and defame people who have seen through the systemic and endemic corruption of UKIP's leadership.

I have spoken with Richard Suchorzewski in Switzerland and he is undecided whether to ignore UKIP as atterly irrelevant or take legal action against UKIP & their agent Andrew Fear but the consensus opinion is that by the time it came to Court UKIP may no longer exist having been bankrupt by Farage and Andrew Smith's dishonesty and Michael Zucherman's seemingly imbecilic legal advice!

I'll call David Noakes this evening - I didn't wish to call him this morning as Belgium is an hour ahead of UK and calling him at work might prove inconvenient.

I must say I am disgusted at Andrew Fear's behaviour it is so very UKIP! Imagine spreading defamatory lies by way of implication and then complaining when the people you have defamed complain!!

Andrew Fear is welcome to provide me with a statement explaining why he felt it was acceptable to, without ANY evidence, defame David Noakes and Richard Suchorzewski as an official of UKIP, responding to questions from Head Office on behalf of UKIP.

I look forward to publishing his apology in full.

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future  
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future   

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