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Saturday, 22 January 2011

#0257* - 24-Jan-2011 - Justin ADAMS, Nigel FARAGE, UKIP COURT CASE

#0257* - 24-Jan-2011 - Justin ADAMS, Nigel FARAGE, UKIP COURT CASE!
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
24-Jan-2011 - Justin ADAMS The Pilot, in the Nigel FARAGE Plane Crash whilst flying for UKIP in COURT CASE!
Charged with Threats to Kill & 4 other charges!

Just for your info.:

January 24th. at 10:00hrs. Justin Adams is scheduled to present at Court 2 in Oxford, on a charge of 'Threatening to kill' - I believe Nigel Farage MEP the leader of the overtly Racist, anti Jewish, sexually intolerant Pan EU EFD Political Group and one other (at least).

I understand Justin Adams is also facing 4 other charges of a lesser nature.
You may remember that Justin Adams was Nigel Farage's pilot in the little plane Nigel was joy riding in on election day last May when it crashed!

Farage was seriously bounced around and spent a few days in hospital and there is no doubt that it knocked a fair bit of the bull sh*t out of him and that he is still suffering after effects - not least of which is the dellusional temptation to present himself as some sort of 'chosen one' - having been run over in a gutter hopelessly drunk in London some years ago and after months in hospital surviving - having had a testicle removed on two different occasions yet still siring children subsequently - having been able to blatantly cheat and lie in elections yet never be called to account - having surrounded himself with much of the utter scum of British & EUropean politics to enhance his status,  by comparison, and then having been in a plane crash and literally walk away!

It has not been so fortunate for Justin Adams who whilst in commission of UKIP crashed his plane as the banner he was dragging around the sky caught in the tail of his plane in a freak accident jamming the moving surfaces making the fine movements requisite for safe flight impossible leading to a crash landing.

Justin Adams was less fortunate than Nigel Farage and was trapped in the plane for a considerable period soaked in some 200 liters of fuel leading, through evaporation of the fuel, to hypothermia - meanwhile his arm was trapped over the exhaust burning with the ever present fear of ignition of the fuel if it came in contact with the exhaust or ignition from a spark (or Farage insisting on a cigarette as he had in jest!

Whilst Farage WAS in hospital and has had complications both physical and mental since Justin Adams lost his plane, his business and whilst still in hospital his wife and home. Though I doubt it was to a close protection officer!!

Justin Adams would also seem to have had greater complications medically and has had cronic digestion problems losing some 2.1/2 stone when I was last talking to him and still struggling healthwise. I would not be remotely surprised to hear of a mental health defence on Monday and one can only feel sorry for him as one does get the impression these charges come from aberant behaviour resultant from the crash.

We will hear so let us not pre-judge the case on Monday but one must wonder why he has been held in custody for so long without protest from his lawyers.

We trust Justice will be done and seen to be done in the light of the facts.

To read other information I have published start with the clips below collected by entering Justin Adams in the >SEARCH< feature at the top of the right sidebar.

06 Jan 2011
Hi, I'll provide more details later but Justin Adams has been remanded in custody to appear Jan 21st. I'll fill in some detail later as I must go play with Doctors as part of the aftermath of my latest op. Regards, Greg_L-W.. ...
02 Dec 2010
you may find some detail of Justin Adams, nigel Farage, The Plane Crash & the Court charges of interest! For SOME veracity start at CLICK HERE re: 02-Dec-2010 - Justin ADAMS Pilot in Court & Nigel FARAGE MEP of UKIP ...
07 Dec 2010
I understand that Justin Adams was remanded in custody until 30-Dec-2010 - a search on this blog in the search box at the top of the Right Sidebar will take you to other articles on the matter as will reading The Farage Blog CLICK HERE. ...
13 Nov 2010
Pilot: Justin ADAMS Passenger: Nigel FARAGE MEP UKIP Leader . 
AAIB Bulletin: 11/2010 G-BWDF EW/G2010/05/03. ACCIDENT Aircraft Type and Registration: PZL-104 Wilga 35A, G-BWDF ...
17 Aug 2010
Justin Adams Nigel's pilot on the day also did not walk away as unscathed as he might, having been back in hospital several times since and with consequential problems that have cost him 1.1/2 stone in weight loss for no immediately ...
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