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All we can do is provide access to the documents and Facts - also highlight EVIDENCE brought to our attention by a network of UKIP Supporters, who desperately want to see the Party CLEANED-UP, by having corrupt & untrustworthy self seeking parasites like Douglas Denny, Mick McGough, Marta Andreasen, David Bannerman, Mark Croucher, Gawain Towler, Stuart Agnew, Annabell Fuller and similar damaging individuals removed from befouling UKIP.

UKIP CAN NOT expect to be electable to a British Public for as long as it keeps liars, cheats and parasites on its staff and management and associates and supports racist, xenophobes, anti Jewish & violent anti homosexual 'chums' in The UKIP EFD Group - Currently taking a further lurch to extremism to maintain its numbers, by courting extremist Austrian politicians - hence less than 30 seats out of 19,500 available in Britain are UKIP seats - after 18 years!

What is and where can ANYONE find UKIP's Vision, Strategy, Tactics?

After 18 Years UKIP has zero Exit & Survival Strategy for these United Kingdoms.

UKIP seemingly seeks only personal gain for a small claque, forgetting to educate the peoples how Britain will be Better Off Out - We all know what is BAD about The EU and endless as it is why not act like Patriots & explain what is BETTER OUT!

The EU an Evil Union

These United Kingdoms are now, largely against the will of the informed peoples and by the betrayal of our own Politicians and Snivil Cervants a satellite state of the Greater European Empire, broken into emasculated Regions under a Common Purpose, ruled by a corrupt post democratic unelected Dictator Committee of a supra National supreme government in Brussels. We owe this undemocratic malign self serving foreign and very allien government neither loyalty nor obedience. It is not lawfully our government. It is theirs. It is our enemy and part of the greater enemy The New World Order.

Monday, 30 August 2010

#0081* - Measure The depth of FILTH IN The Anti UKIP MOVEMENT!

#0081* - Measure The depth of FILTH IN  The Anti UKIP MOVEMENT!   

Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name! 

Measure The depth of FILTH IN  The Anti UKIP MOVEMENT! 
FILTH LIKE Skeptyk, Mark CROUCHER, Douglas DENNY etc! 


It was an interesting coincidence that I had just written roughly this text on the blog pages of a few of the more damaging liars and anti UKIP trash  that are members of the leadership team of UKIP, their parasites and supporters

I rarely read the drivel from UKIP's spin machine as I find it is so dishonest and distatefull - packed with lies and distracting fantasies.

The Leadership of UKIP and their parasites would seem to be so stupid that they do not realise the supporters of UKIP are those who seek to get rid of them, clean up UKIP and make it electable NOT those seeking status and enrichment!

I decided against the prize as it was too subjective as so many in UKIP's leadership believe attacking and defaming their critics is defending UKIP when in fact attacking the messenger and unable to address the criticism is a mark of dishonesty and incompetence on the part of the name caller - so very UKIP!

We watch Croucher, Denny, Skeptyk, McTrough and others perpetually making fools of themselves and then believing repetition of their dishonesty and misrepresentation in some way makes it true - they are that stupid! - it is in fact a measure of their stupidity as they overlook the FACT that individuals like my self are not seeking votes or power nor to feed from the public purse.

Douglas Denny for instance is ONLY of ANY significance BECAUSE he seeks aggrandisement, authority and influence representing others as do Croucher, McTrough and others and as are those seeking to destroy UKIP by upholding corruption like Skeptyk and others of the anti UKIP faction.

That I am attacked, lied about defamed and libeled on the internet is hardly surprising as I spend almost all my time rooting out corruption, seeking out and exposing the Snake Oil Salesmen who feed on the underbelly of life, the weak, the gullible and the ill informed - people just like Skeptyk who set up web sites, blogs and forums in desperate attempts to defame me as do the Politicians and paedophiles all seeking to denigrate me to try to pretend that in attacking the messenger they are in some way adding credibility to their own status.

Indeed people like Skeptyk are that stupid! Repeating the libels and fantasies of each other these low lifes seek to dupe people - who I am is utterly irrelevant - I am merely the messenger, hence so few of the scum contact me to verify anything and so many of the decent folk pass on or seek out the facts.

Then whilst answering a few questions on the phone, for one of UKIP's more dedicated members, to help them, I clicked onto Anthony Butcher's corrupt and squalid forum - to find Skeptyk was performing almost to order, just as had the corrupt idiots Douglas Denny and Mick McTrough.

SCUM is very predictable in a septic tank - it floats to the top!

Skeptyk has provided a perfect example of this - so lets look at their self destructive maunderings:

But as we are getting so moralistic over the profiting of such 'exploitative' behaviour,
A comment on the apparent morality of one of UKIP's more self serving excrecences - the multi Millionaire Willian Earl of Dartmouth whose latest wife has just sold a flat in Australia for 11Million - we note Dartmouth has never featured as a donor ! We also note he, like the rest of UKIP's MEPs has never produced and presented accounts but the media have exposed him as a pornographer of some note being a Director of one of Hanson's companies and profitting from the debasement of society as a pornographer.

Hardly in keeping with the principles and family values of UKIP but all too normal for the anti UKIP leadership and its parasites.
I would like to ask Tim, our resident spambot/guardian of morals,
An individual who does not use his full name for understandable reasons with filth like Skeptyk all too ready to attack the man not the message in as vile and cowardly way as they can.
what he thinks of the inescapable fact that one of the sponsored links (ie one that makes money) on a website belonging to his hero GLW is to a website that makes light of rape and child abuse
Skeptyk is a LIAR - that they repeats the lies of someone else does not in ANY way exonerate their dishonesty.

Please identify the web site I supposedly own and the link claimed.

Please be so good as to show that in any way by any means I profit from any use of the internet - save by vending legitimate goods from time to time via eBay (historic or my now defunct GlanceBack web site selling stamps, coins, medals etc.)
A site from which I am blocked as they find it expedient to lie and defame me behind my back- in fact this is the link that comes up when as claimed by Skeptyc I click on his link
 exactly the sort of behaviour I would expect of Skeptyc - but in fact more likely in this instance to be the gutter broadcaster in America Paul Drockton, who is deriving cash per click out of posting defamatory and sick sites all over the internet and aiding paedophiles and pederasts, abusers and exploiters by providing a platform and support for a collection of utterly corrupt con artists including Robert Green, Brian Gerrish, David Icke, Belinda McKenzie, Matt Quinn and others.

May I also point out that the other damaging piece of anti UKIP Filth Douglas Denny is also a supporter and correspondent of Paul Drockton's for proof and details CLICK HERE

Skeptyc may also be interested in Paul Drockton's opinions on other matters or his vile and debased attack on his own son, since they are obviously devotees who are happy to quote his efforts without any sense of integrity, decency or morality CLICK HERE
Or here is another piece of filth that would be abot the standard of the anti UKIP brigade of Skeptyc, Denny, McTrough and their ilk CLICK HERE
As Tim has a finely tuned antenna for what he views as immoral behaviour, I fully expect that he will be offering us all very stern criticism of his leader GLW’s antics (which are made even more grotesque by the fact that GLW claims to be a defender of those who were abused).
I think it is very clear that yet again the only grotesque behaviour here is that of the likes of Skeptyk, Croucher, McTrough, Denny and those who do such harm to UKIP by refusing to permit it being cleaned up and endlessly dragging it into the gutter where they live to aid corruption and sabotage the EUroRealist movement, on which many of them are dependent for a living - heaven forefend the EU might be dismantled or Britain might escape its malign clutch for where would these filth derive their status and in many cases income!
Or will Tim do what he normally does – run away when he doesn’t like the quest
Perhaps this piece of dishonest filth Skeptyk could identify one phrase of veracity that is of ANY consequence in his endless slime filled cowardly attacks on such UKIP supporters as Tim, Niall Warry, Dr. Abbott, Piers Merchant, Marcus Stead, Richard Suchorzewski, John Pratt, myself, Geoffrey Collier, John West, Petrina Holdsworth, Marilyn Swain, Peter Baker, Simon Muir, Dr. Eric Edmond, and their like - dedicated over many years to seeking a way out of The EU, resolute and determined - in fact hard working supporters of UKIP and the cause its members of principle support.

It is the likes of Douglas Denny, Mick McTrough,, Kevin Mahoney, George Thomas, Mark Croucher, Gawain Towler, Paul Nuttall, Derek Clark, David Bannerman, Marta Andreasen, Hugh Williams, Peter Reeve, George Curtis, Gulleford, Graham Booth, William Dartmouth, Malcolm Pearson, Malcolm Wood, and their ilk and cowardly filth and scum like Skeptyk in UKIP's leadership and its parasites that have ensured that in 17 years UKIP has only ever achieved a few stupid stunts and a top vote of 3.1% in a General Election and out of some 19,000 available electable seats less than 30.

They are the real anti UKIP trash, as proven again and again.

The decent moral patriotic members of UKIP must be so ashamed to be associated with these charlatans, low lifes and self serving trash - clearly the British public want nothing to do with them.

Look at UKIP's results with such trash in situ - it can not be the cause as the huge majority of Britain's peoples espouse the same cause as UKIP's members - it is the leadership and its vile parasites and paid praise singers.

Embarrassing as the logic may be it is clear and irrefutable.

I have this strange feeling that Skeptyk is unlikely to publish this blog by way of apology on Butcher's squalid Forum where Skeptyc is so at home with their vile attacks, lies and key board bragadoccio in cowardly anonymity!

PERHAPS THOSE WHO GENUINELY CARE ABOUT OTHERS Might care to consider assisting with one of my other projects which can best be understood if you Go To and follow some of the links. I have been involved in exposing paedophiles, campaigning for decriminalisation of homosexuality, exposing corruption on the public purse, opposing racism and the like for best part of half a Century now - perhaps you would care to consider your position and possibly help if you can.

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
LEAVE-THE-EU to Reclaim YOUR Future 

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